Activists Up Close: Meet Misael, a Water Defender in Mexico

Misael was born into a family of Indigenous farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico — his connection to the land goes back generations.

Today, he works for Flor y Canto, an AJWS grantee organization that mobilizes local communities to fight for their rights to land, water and other natural resources. In 2005, the Mexican government restricted farmers’ water use, while allowing industrial water use to go unchecked. Flor y Canto sprang into action — and in 2022, national authorities signed a decree returning control of local water sources to these communities.

As families have returned to their farms, Misael works to educate them on how to conserve water and make their land blossom once again.

Meet Misael to see how Flor y Canto is shaping lives and changing what’s possible for Indigenous communities in Mexico.

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