Justin Jacobs

Justin joined AJWS as the Senior Marketing and Storytelling Officer in September 2018. He spent much of his career as a journalist, chronicling arts, culture and news for a variety of magazines and newspapers in the U.S., Middle East and Asia. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009 with a degree in English Writing and Religious Studies, and in 2011 moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, where he worked in writing and marketing for both non-profit organizations and high tech startups.

See how activists are leading the way in Latin America and the Caribbean!

In six countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, AJWS supports 148 social change organizations reaching thousands of people across the region. The work we fund here there goes deep: Indigenous activists in Mexico protecting their communities’ land and natural resources. Advocates in the Dominican Republic working to ensure health and safety for all. Community …Read More

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Know Your History, Master Your Future: How One Senegalese Activist is Mobilizing Youth By Illuminating his Community’s Forgotten Tragedy

In Thiaroye, Senegal—less than 10 miles from the country’s bustling, metropolitan capital of Dakar—a rusty metal gate separates bumper-to-bumper traffic and densely-packed produce markets from a painful but forgotten piece of Senegalese history. Inside the gate, the noise of the city disappears. Tall palms offer some shade, but the sun bears down on unmarked stone …Read More

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The Fight for Safe Abortions in Kenya

In Kenya, seven women die every single day from complications related to unsafe abortions — conducted at home or in backstreet clinics, often using dangerous methods like knitting needles or bleach. This astounding figure, far higher than the global average, is directly correlated to a simple fact: while abortion is a constitutional right in Kenya …Read More

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How Can Food Repair the World? Watch this Video and Find Out

 Around the world, rural and Indigenous communities are working to repair the world — with food.   The challenges they face are immense: industrial development, commercial farming and accelerating climate change are all damaging the land that these communities have farmed for generations.   But AJWS is supporting activist organizations to fight back. These activists are working with their communities to build “food sovereignty,” or …Read More

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“No One Else is Helping”: Women and LGBTQI+ Legal Aids are Fighting for Survivor Justice in Indonesia

“There’s a stigma in society that we’re a curse,” says 26-year-old Feronika, a transgender woman in Palu, Indonesia. “But we’re perfect the way we are. We have two hands just like everyone else, and we’ll use them to improve our society. If people think we’re a curse, we’ll be a blessing in return.” For Feronika, this …Read More

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Inside AyiboPost: the necessity, and danger, of independent journalism in Haiti

The headlines in Haiti are bleak. After years of increasing political corruption under former President Jovenel Moïse and skyrocketing gang violence, including kidnappings and outright massacres of civilians, the country faced a new onslaught of crises in the summer of 2021. In July, Moïse was assassinated in his home, disintegrating what was left of Haiti’s …Read More

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Winning the Fight for Vaccine Equity in the Dominican Republic

As talk of COVID-19 vaccines swept the world in early 2021, a new human rights crisis was already looming: profound disparities in who would receive a life-saving shot and who would face the pandemic unprotected. In the Dominican Republic, this inequity quickly became a reality: on February 16, Dominican President Luis Abinader announced a national …Read More

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