AJWS works to promote human rights and end poverty in six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. From helping earthquake survivors in Haiti rebuild their lives to protecting the land of indigenous communities in Mexico, we support people who are on the frontlines of social change.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, AJWS focuses on advancing the civil and political rights of those most affected by racism, including Haitian migrants and Dominicans of Haitian descent, who are discriminated against because of their skin color. We also work to enable women, girls and LGBTQI+ Dominicans to live with safety, health and dignity.

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El Salvador

In El Salvador, AJWS focuses on ending human rights violations against women and LGBTQI+ people, and protecting the land and water that is critical for the survival of farmers, Indigenous people, youth, women and communities affected by civil war.

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Where We Work: Guatemala


In Guatemala, AJWS focuses on ending violence and discrimination against women, youth and Indigenous people, and protecting the land and natural resources that farmers need to survive. AJWS grantees also protect human rights defenders seen as threats by the country’s deeply corrupt government.

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In Haiti, AJWS focuses on promoting human rights and protecting Haitian land from damaging development projects as the country recovers from the devastating earthquake in 2010 and decades of coups, dictatorships, occupations and invasions. Despite deep corruption across Haiti’s leadership, AJWS grantees fight for transparency and accountability at the highest levels of power.

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In Mexico, AJWS grantee organizations support the fight for justice and truth waged by groups of families of people “disappeared” during the country’s ongoing armed conflict. They also defend vulnerable Mexican communities from damaging development projects and corporate interests, as well as promote the rights of Indigenous people to self-determination, and to the land, food and water essential for their survival.

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In Nicaragua, AJWS is committed to supporting the rights of oppressed people, including women, LGBTQI+ people and Indigenous communities. AJWS grantees advocate for their human rights and organize social movements in order to create a more just society.

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