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Announcing AJWS Global Justice Fellowship Cohort

We are so excited to introduce this year’s cohort of AJWS Global Justice Fellows. This selective program—which includes international travel, advocacy on Capitol Hill and online seminars—is designed to train and empower American rabbis as skilled advocates for human rights, in order to amplify our Jewish vision of a more just world for all. The …Read More

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LGBTI Salvadorans Create Community, Support and Inclusion

Low, multicolored buildings line the streets of La Union, a small coastal city on the southwestern gulf of El Salvador. A rural town of approximately 30,000 residents, La Union is not exactly a bustling metropolis—and not the first place one would expect to find a thriving queer community. And yet, this sleepy town is home …Read More

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I Didn’t Feel Safe Coming Out

As a teenager in the late 1970s and early 1980s in Los Angeles, I didn’t feel safe coming out as gay — even to my liberal Jewish family. Although strides were being made by the LGBT community, rampant homophobia kept me in the closet. When I finally came out as a young adult, I was …Read More

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