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A destroyed home in Les Irois, Department of Grand’Anse in southern Haiti. Photo by Nixon Boumba

No One Should Live in a Sukkah Year-Round

On Rosh HaShanah, Hurricane Matthew hammered Haiti and the Dominican Republic, leaving behind a new trail of destruction on an island still reeling from the earthquake of 2010. Now, as we celebrate Sukkot—a time when we contemplate fragility, shelter, and resilience—I’m thinking about the people of Haiti, the poorest country in our hemisphere, who have endured unimaginable destruction.

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Riding for their Rights

After months of planning, it wasn’t clear whether Awaaz-e-Niswaan’s bicycle rally was going to happen. More than 70 teenage girls waited near a busy Mumbai intersection, fanning themselves every so often in a vain attempt to stave off the afternoon heat.

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Suddenly Stateless: The successes in the struggle

This story is part of a series of blog posts marking the third anniversary of the court decision that sparked a statelessness crisis in the Dominican Republic. Despite all the accounts of adversity since the 2013 Dominican court ruling, some Dominicans of Haitian descent have successfully applied for documents, restored their nationality and enjoyed the …Read More

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