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My Must-Reads for the Summer

I confess that I have a book problem. Even though many have taken to audiobooks and e-readers, I still like the feeling of a book in my hands. As a result, my husband is starting to have difficulty moving around our apartment. That said, here’s a list of my summer reading recommendations. Surprise, surprise, they lean toward …Read More

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Your Boost of Inspiration: AJWS’s Stories of Hope

Here in the United States, it can feel like there is a new attack on our human rights every week — a new headline to make us doubt the strength of our own democracy. As we write this, Americans’ autonomy over their own bodies and reproductive choices is no longer guaranteed. Our ability to safely …Read More

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Pride in the Face of Prejudice

Last month, the world lost a transformational giant in the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Urvashi Vaid was a pioneering social justice activist, attorney and award-winning author. She was also one of my great human rights teachers. Urvashi was bold, unflinching, driven. She brought the question of race, nationality and ethnicity into the LGBT space in the …Read More

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