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Rising Above the Rubble: Stories of Hope in the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Françoise’s story When you walk into what remains of Françoise Inocent’s ravaged cement home—remnants of a stairway at the front, steel rods and slabs of walls still standing, and mounds of rubble, all exposed to the open skies—it’s hard not to lose morale. Hurricane Matthew wrecked thousands of homes like this, robbing countless Haitians of …Read More

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Why I’m Marching With My Daughter

In April 2004, I traveled to DC with my then 14 year old daughter to take part in the March for Women’s Lives. It was a pro-choice march, attended by over 750,000 men and women. If the reports in the press, social media and my circle of acquaintances are any indication, tomorrow’s march in DC, …Read More

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In the age of Trump, our work is more important than ever

My world is abuzz. I know yours is, too. Like millions of other Americans, I have been in a non-stop conversation since November 8 about what the new U.S. administration and Congress will mean for the America we yearn for—one that is inclusive at home and stands tall for justice and human rights worldwide. These …Read More

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