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New Video for Passover!

At our Passover Seders, we sing “Dayenu” (It would have been enough) to express gratitude for each stage of liberation and to recognize that each stage would have been “enough.” And yet, we know there’s much more work to do to ensure that people around the world are fully free. What does “Dayenu” mean today? …Read More

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Fighting LGBTI Discrimination and Violence in El Salvador

Daniela Rodriguez. Yasuri Orellana. Elizabeth Castillo. These are the names of the three transgender women who were brutally slain last month in El Salvador. The string of murders made headlines and raised questions about the safety of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people across the country. Although the government of El Salvador does not track …Read More

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Sebastián’s Courageous Journey

All of his friends were moving on with their lives and heading off to college, but Sebastián Flores Cerritos felt stuck. Sebastián felt he couldn’t embark on his own journey until he could live a life true to himself. In 2010, he summoned the courage to tell his parents that he felt deeply uncomfortable in …Read More

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Just Thought

Ten Lessons from the Haggadah for Jewish Activists

Just Thought is a series of essays from AJWS applying Jewish wisdom to the pursuit of tikkun olam today. Drawing upon Jewish history, Torah sources and the latest headlines, we plumb pressing questions about human rights and global justice from a Jewish perspective through monthly essays by noted scholars, activists and AJWS staff. Fuel up …Read More

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Global Solidarity in the Age of Trump

“We’re worried about you,” they said. I was traveling with 14 rabbis and a cantor as part of AJWS’s Global Justice Fellowship to the Dominican Republic. In a country that is home to the largest stateless population in the Western Hemisphere, we were shocked to discover that the activists and organizers we met were concerned about us.

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