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Hope Grows for the Ogiek People

“The forest is our heart!” Those beautiful words gave me chills when a village elder spoke them on a recent trip I made to Kenya. There I was deeply moved and motivated by the members of a special community—the indigenous Ogiek people, who for generations have cared for and thrived in the ancient Mau forest. …Read More

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In Their Own Country, Landowners for the First Time.

In the hot, rural plains of Altaverapaz, Guatemala, there is a small agrarian community, 81 families strong. They’ve only just arrived at La Flecha in the last year, trickling in to this neglected farm after being displaced from different lands in the region. Life in La Flecha isn’t easy. Small cinderblock houses with tin roofs …Read More

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My Summer List: Read, Watch & Listen with Me

This summer, when so much of the world is riven by divisive politics and hostility, I’m reveling in books, podcasts and television shows. All these offer messages of hope but also make me think deeply about what’s wrong with our world and provide insights into making it better. Here are some of my favorites: Half …Read More

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Forces of Pride Worldwide

Happy Pride Month! At AJWS, we’re proud of the activists we support around the world who work tirelessly to bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice for all people—no matter who they are or whom they love. Thanks to your support, we’re one of the largest funders of LGBTQI rights worldwide. This year, …Read More

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