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Finding Justice After Genocide: Guatemalan activists and Talmudic rabbis seek restitution, not revenge, as the path forward

Edgar Pérez Archila is an expert in righting wrongs. As a human rights attorney and director of the human rights law firm Bufete Jurídico de Derechos Huamnos de Guatemala (The Law Office of Human Rights in Guatemala), he and his team defend fellow Guatemalans from egregious abuses. He has represented survivors of genocide seeking convictions …Read More

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“As Human Beings, We Are All Worth the Same”: Lessons About Human Rights and Humanity from a Dominican Classroom

On a yellow wall, in a tiny school in the Dominican Republic, there is a sign—hand-painted in Spanish with cheery colors. It looks like the kind of sign you might find in any preschool, with a reminder of classroom rules—“Share your toys… Raise your hand… Don’t hit.” But instead, the sign reads: “These are my …Read More

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