The AJWS community has a lot to say about what's happening in the world. Read our insights about the struggle for justice and human rights around the globe.

AJWS In Action: Updates from Our Partners, May 14

While AJWS grantee partners continue to provide emergency relief including food and personal protective equipment, they are also deeply entrenched in the ongoing battle for human rights. Governments around the world are using the pandemic as cover to crackdown on the rights of vulnerable people, and AJWS grantees are on the frontlines to defend them. …Read More

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AJWS In Action: Updates from Our Partners, May 7

Disturbing trends are rising around the globe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic—domestic violence, hunger and corruption among them. While AJWS grantee partners are responding immediately to help their communities stay safe in the fight against the coronavirus, they are also standing up the rights of the most vulnerable people on earth. AJWS will …Read More

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Protecting Journalists Saves Lives

Happy World Press Freedom Day! Today and everyday, we recognize the importance of a free press, freedom of expression and public access to information, all of which are essential human rights. These rights allow us to live with dignity and help us make informed decisions about our futures. As the global community suffers together from …Read More

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AJWS In Action: Updates from Our Partners, April 30

From domestic abuse to hunger and economic collapse, the pandemic is causing massive problems far beyond the virus itself. The activists and social change organizations AJWS supports are on the frontlines of the pandemic in the developing world. AJWS will continue to stand by all of our grantees in 19 countries during this global crisis—and …Read More

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