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Marching for Climate Justice

As I prepare to travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Climate March, I am deeply focused on our Jewish obligation to repair the world and safeguard the earth and its inhabitants. As Genesis tells it, it took six days to create the complex majesty of the universe. Today, I fear that we are …Read More

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Recovering from Nepal’s Earthquakes, Two Years Later: Part I

As we mark two years since Nepal’s devastating earthquakes, we draw inspiration from the brave responders who rushed to the frontlines of relief efforts despite suffering personal losses and setbacks. Today, these leaders continue to help their communities get back on their feet and rebuild the country—brick by brick, village after village. The April 2015 …Read More

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My Grandmother’s Courage

Today is especially poignant for me, as the granddaughter of Edna Brill. April 19th marks the day my grandmother joined with thousands of other Jews in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943 to resist the Nazis’ plan to transport the remaining Jews in the ghetto to Treblinka for their extermination. This was the largest act of …Read More

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