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Stories of Resilience and Hope

As we adjust to our ever-changing world, it is the stories of strength that keep us going. There is so much uncertainty, tumult, isolation and illness around us, and so we hope you will find solace and inspiration in hearing about AJWS’s brave grantees in the developing world who are fighting day and night to …Read More

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Locked Down, But Never Silent

“Men and women are equal!” “Let us read, let us study!” These are some of the slogans shouted by over 200 girls as part of a rally—organized by AJWS grantee Nishtha—in West Bengal, India, to push for women’s safety and equality in late February of this year. The girls, mostly high-school and college aged, proudly …Read More

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AJWS in Action: Updates from Our Partners, June 4

Across the developing world, AJWS grantee-partners continue to meet the most desperate needs of their communities: food, protective equipment, life-saving information and more. But simultaneously, they are collaborating with each other, protesting government corruption and marching forward to build a better world. Below, read two such stories from grantee-partners in Guatemala. AJWS will continue to …Read More

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Joint Statement and Recommendations By the Child, Early & Forced Marriage & Unions and Sexuality Working Group, and Partners

The global pandemic COVID-19 lays bare and exacerbates existing inequalities. For adolescent girls and young women in many places, this means that the harmful impacts of patriarchy and gender inequality are magnified and intensified. The coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns heighten the perpetration of gender-based violence; elevate risks of child, early and forced marriage and …Read More

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