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Burma Faces a Deadline for Reporting on Genocide Against the Rohingya People—and the World Needs Transparency

Myanmar has a deadline: This Saturday, the government needs to report to the highest court of the United Nations on how it is preventing further acts of genocide against the Rohingya. Tragically, it will be kept secret from those most affected by what it has to say. I am Rohingya, part of the predominantly Muslim ethnic minority that …Read More

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AJWS in Action: Updates from Our Partners, May 21

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, AJWS grantee-partners have shifted their work dramatically to meet the most desperate needs of their communities: food, protective equipment, life-saving information and more. Below, read how grantees in India and Mexico have adapted and evolved as COVID-19 tears through their communities. AJWS will continue to stand by all of …Read More

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AJWS In Action: Updates from Our Partners, May 14

While AJWS grantee partners continue to provide emergency relief including food and personal protective equipment, they are also deeply entrenched in the ongoing battle for human rights. Governments around the world are using the pandemic as cover to crackdown on the rights of vulnerable people, and AJWS grantees are on the frontlines to defend them. …Read More

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