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Stories of Hope to Lift You Up

We’re approaching two full years since the World Health Organization deemed COVID-19 a pandemic — a declaration that has changed so many elements of our lives. Since then, we’ve watched multiple humanitarian crises explode, including an attempted coup here at home, a steep rise in global authoritarianism, and just last week, Russia’s brutal invasion of …Read More

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How Can Food Repair the World? Watch this Video and Find Out

 Around the world, rural and Indigenous communities are working to repair the world — with food.   The challenges they face are immense: industrial development, commercial farming and accelerating climate change are all damaging the land that these communities have farmed for generations.   But AJWS is supporting activist organizations to fight back. These activists are working with their communities to build “food sovereignty,” or …Read More

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Writing the Wrongs: Why Journalists Give Me Hope

A few weeks ago, I woke up to news that filled me with hope. After nearly four decades, justice prevailed for 36 Indigenous Achi women who were raped and tortured by paramilitaries during Guatemala’s civil war. After enduring years of taunts, threats and outright denials, vindication came on January 25 when a tribunal sentenced their …Read More

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