Where We Work

From India to Haiti, Kenya to Cambodia, AJWS supports extraordinary leaders for social justice who are working to build a better world—locally, nationally and globally.


AJWS supports activists on the frontlines of social change in five countries in Africa. From galvanizing a youth movement for democracy in Senegal to fighting laws that oppress LGBTQI+ people in Kenya to securing indigenous communities’ land right sin Liberia – AJWS grantees work tirelessly to build just societies around the continent.

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Across six* countries in Asia, AJWS supports grassroots social change organizations fighting for the human rights of their communities. From feminist activists working to advance gender equality in India to Indigenous communities protecting their lands in Thailand — AJWS grantees work to build more equitable and just societies.

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Latin America & The Caribbean

AJWS supports bold activists and social change organizations building more just societies in six countries across Latin America and the Caribbean. These changemakers are protecting their communities’ ancestral territories in Mexico, rebuilding democracy in Haiti, standing up for reproductive justice in El Salvador—and much more.

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United States

Here in the U.S., AJWS advocates for progressive foreign policy that supports equitable, just societies that respect the human rights of all people around the globe.

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