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Living our values in the New Year

A High Holiday message from Senator Jacky Rosen As a proud Jewish woman and the granddaughter of Jewish immigrants, I grew up hearing stories that not only filled me with wonder but instilled in me the values of hard work, fairness and community. I have so many fond memories of sharing laughter, love and life …Read More

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Stories of Hope: Good news in the fights for human rights

For so many of the activists that AJWS supports around the world, protecting the human rights of their communities can mean long, complex struggles requiring endurance and courage. These activists need to stay inspired and motivated amidst mounting challenges. Giving up is not an option — there is simply too much at stake. As Mexican …Read More

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Shuttering a Major Corporate Project in Mexico, ProDESC Scores a Victory for Indigenous Communities

After a five-year struggle, AJWS grantee Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Project (ProDESC) secured a major win in June when federal energy authorities in Mexico announced they had definitively cancelled a massive energy project slated to be built on the lands of an Indigenous community. The project — “Gunaa Sicarú” — was awarded to a …Read More

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Your Boost of Inspiration: AJWS’s Stories of Hope

Here in the United States, it can feel like there is a new attack on our human rights every week — a new headline to make us doubt the strength of our own democracy. As we write this, Americans’ autonomy over their own bodies and reproductive choices is no longer guaranteed. Our ability to safely …Read More

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