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Your Boost of Inspiration: AJWS’s Stories of Hope

Here in the United States, it can feel like there is a new attack on our human rights every week — a new headline to make us doubt the strength of our own democracy. As we write this, Americans’ autonomy over their own bodies and reproductive choices is no longer guaranteed. Our ability to safely …Read More

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A Global Hunger Emergency

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine as they continue to endure unspeakable suffering from Russia’s ruthless invasion. As the conflict persists, deadly ripple effects are becoming evident far beyond Ukraine’s borders. Exports of grain, fertilizer and fuel from the region have ground to a halt, accelerating a rising global hunger and economic emergency. …Read More

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Stories of Hope to Lift You Up

We’re approaching two full years since the World Health Organization deemed COVID-19 a pandemic — a declaration that has changed so many elements of our lives. Since then, we’ve watched multiple humanitarian crises explode, including an attempted coup here at home, a steep rise in global authoritarianism, and just last week, Russia’s brutal invasion of …Read More

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