Research on Child, Early and Forced Marriage

In India, AJWS funds research that investigates the complex challenge of child marriage—so that we can identify and support the most promising, evidence-based solutions.

Child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) has persisted in many parts of the world, despite decades of laws and numerous interventions, because of limits on the opportunities and freedom of women and girls. AJWS believes new feminist research—focused on adolescent girls and the social norms that shape their lives—can fill significant gaps in knowledge about the causes and consequences of CEFM and lead to more effective solutions. To that end, AJWS is supporting efforts to investigate CEFM in India, where we have spent more than a decade funding social change organizations and learning from their work.

We support innovative research conducted by partners in India who explore the complex phenomenon of CEFM, examine the most challenging barriers to improving girls’ lives and help identify the most promising, evidence-based policies and interventions. We then apply these findings to our grantmaking in India and share them with other global funders—with the ultimate goal of expanding girls’ options beyond CEFM and helping them develop the skills to advocate for their rights throughout their lives.

Explore our full portfolio of research products below, or check out brief highlights in our Emerging Evidence series.

Since 2014, AJWS has funded 37 research projects on gender inequality and CEFM in India.