Building Skills & Supporting Livelihoods

Many communities around the world still believe that young women shouldn’t go to college or find well-paid jobs. This belief often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as girls grow up thinking they can’t achieve what boys can.

Studies supported by AJWS suggest that skill-building programs—especially when integrated with education on gender inequality—improve the self-perception and agency of girls and women, helping them pursue their goals. However, many obstacles remain. For example, women who pursue trades traditionally dominated by men often have difficulty finding employment, and many women and girls have little time for paid work because their families expect them to handle many unpaid tasks at home.

AJWS supports research that showcases:

  • Current opportunities for skill development for girls and women living in disadvantaged communities in India
  • Young women’s needs and aspirations related to careers and income and how these are curtailed by patriarchal gender norms and policies
  • The impact of training and subsequent employment on the lives, choices and interpersonal power of girls and women