Connecting Local Communities to Research Findings

AJWS supports our research partners to expand the impact of their findings in innovative ways. This includes creating products designed to share findings with research participants and their communities in meaningful ways, ensuring that the new knowledge can fuel social change. These efforts infuse new evidence and the often-unheard voices of girls into public discourse, engaging a variety of stakeholders and starting difficult, but necessary conversations.

AJWS also supports crucial gatherings of research and program partners across social movements in India, so they can share what they have learned and launch powerful collaborations.

AJWS supports grantee-led research dissemination and utilization efforts in India that include:

  • Videos that challenge gender norms and advocate for greater decision making by women and girls
  • Graphic novels that tackle taboo topics and share important health information that would otherwise be difficult-for women and girls to access
  • Manuals for program staff that help them facilitate dialogue on gender equality