Supporting Girls’ Rights in Schools, Shelter Homes & Other Institutions

To successfully advance their rights, girls need access to services that help them make and implement choices about their own futures. But institutions critical to girls’ agency and wellbeing in India—including public education, health care and legal systems—don’t always respond to girls’ needs or prioritize their empowerment.

AJWS supports local researchers to analyze how these institutions could better deliver effective, empowering services to girls and women. This research focuses on creative solutions that strengthen girls’ access to education, health, safety and other means of fostering wellbeing.

AJWS supports research that reveals:

  • Girls’ experiences with gender-based violence in schools and emerging lessons on how to prevent such violence
  • The ways in which shelters can be reformed and better resourced to meet the varied needs of women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence
  • How healthcare providers might better respond to adolescent health needs (striving to be more sensitive, less judgmental, etc.)