Understanding How CEFMU Affects Mental & Physical Health

The everyday injustices faced by young women in India—from domestic violence to strict limits on their mobility and freedoms—undoubtedly shape their mental health. Yet a comprehensive and intersectional understanding of mental wellbeing is still missing from public health discourse in India.

Research from AJWS grantees has uncovered a variety of ways in which public health organizations and organizations working to advance girls’ rights could collaborate to improve their programs and better support the wellbeing of young people.

AJWS supports research that explores:

  • Mental health issues faced by young women in India and the gender-related factors that influence mental health
  • The impact of related social norms and disadvantages—such as caste, poverty and child, early and forced marriage and unions (CEFMU)—on the mental health of young men and women
  • The barriers youth face when trying to overcome these challenges and access supportive services