Julie Goldstein

Julie Goldstein

Board Member

Julie Goldstein began her career as a secondary and elementary school teacher and Outward Bound instructor, sparked by her own pivotal educational experiences in the classroom and wilderness settings. Over time, she transitioned into program work at a variety of educational non-profit organizations, and worked as a Community Organizer for the Manaus Fund in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado. She has taught yoga to children and adults for many years.

Julie has two master’s degrees in education, the most recent being a Master’s in Contemplative Education from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Julie also holds two advanced level certifications from her studies in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica, and she is committed to working towards necessary systemic change in our world through the lens of spiritual psychology.

Julie has served on the boards of several family foundations and non-profit organizations and is actively engaged in multiple philanthropic efforts in the areas of education, the environment and social justice.

Julie has spent most of her life in Colorado and remains an avid outdoorswoman who is extremely passionate about protecting and preserving natural habitats, open spaces and our public lands. Julie is an engaged supporter of several climate change and climate justice advocacy organizations and initiatives, as well as a select number of human rights and social justice projects that are actively addressing equity issues in education.

Julie is an adoptive parent and resides in Boulder, CO. Her child, Ash, is from China.

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