On the Road: Khushi’s Story

As a teenager, Khushi Prajapati worried for her future. Her family had lost everything. Forced to move to a Delhi slum, she worked long hours as a maid, but the family could barely make ends meet. If she didn’t figure out a plan for her future, Khushi faced the likely prospect of an unwanted, early marriage—and a lifetime of poverty. A driving program helped her steer her life in a new direction. With financial support from American Jewish World Service, the “Women on Wheels” program trains low-income women with limited education to become taxi drivers. The program is helping young women like Khushi break into a profitable, traditionally all-male profession and gain more control over their lives.

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Videographer: Jonathan Torgovnik. Editor: Andrew Hida. Producer: Elizabeth Daube. Many thanks to Khushi and her family, and to the many AJWS and Azad Foundation staff who helped make this video possible.