Just Thought New Jewish Ideas on Global Justice

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Just Thought is a series of essays from AJWS applying Jewish wisdom to the pursuit of tikkun olam today. Drawing upon Jewish history, Torah sources and the latest headlines, we plumb pressing questions about human rights and global justice from a Jewish perspective through monthly essays by noted scholars, activists and AJWS staff.

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Dignity First: Wisdom on Disaster Response in the Torah and Today

Compassion Leads to Action: Reclaiming Prayer as the First Step to Change

Vulnerable and Empowered: Widows as Objects of Care and Agents of Change

Our Universe of Moral Obligation

My Grandmother, Yiddish and May Day

Ten Lessons from the Haggadah for Jewish Activists

Global Solidarity in the Age of Trump

Transforming Tradition: Love, marriage and autonomy—from Fiddler on the Roof to modern-day India

Rights and Responsibilities: How does Jewish wisdom bolster our efforts to realize human rights for all?

Echoes of Sinai: How can an ancient text inform global issues today?