A Historic LGBT Pride Month

What a month! LGBT Pride Month has come and gone, but it will go down in American history as one of the momentous times for LGBT rights. On June 26th, AJWS joined millions across the country to celebrate the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on marriage equality. As we continue to celebrate, we’re reminded that there is more work to do to fight for the human rights and dignity of LGBT communities in the developing world.

Our executive vice president Robert Bank said:

“This is a magnificent achievement for our country. Although it may be tempting to view this Supreme Court ruling as the end of the struggle for LGBT equality, much work remains to address legal and social discrimination faced by the LGBT community in the U.S.—particularly for transgender individuals and people of color. There are even greater obstacles for LGBT people beyond this nation’s borders, especially in some of the poorest and most repressive countries in the developing world.”

Hundreds of activists and leaders marched with AJWS in exciting and colorful LGBT Pride Parades in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Chicago to demonstrate support for AJWS as the Jewish voice for LGBT rights worldwide. Check out our slideshow below for some of our favorite photo highlights.