Stuart Schear

Stuart Schear is the Vice President for Communications at AJWS. He is responsible for telling the story of AJWS’s ’ work in the developing world and the United States through all media.

At Chiang Mai Pride, I Remember Stonewall

  As dusk turned to night in Chiang Mai some weeks ago, I felt adrenaline coursing through my body as thousands of people poured onto the streets of this city in northern Thailand for the country’s biggest LGBTQI pride march in a decade. At the same time, my mind was flooded with memories of Pride …

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My Grandmother, Yiddish and May Day

Just Thought is a series of essays from AJWS applying Jewish wisdom to the pursuit of tikkun olam today. Drawing upon Jewish history, Torah sources and the latest headlines, we plumb pressing questions about human rights and global justice from a Jewish perspective through monthly essays by noted scholars, activists and AJWS staff. Last year, …

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Witnessing History in Burma

We are literally witnessing history being made in Burma. I was in Burma last week with a small team—an award-winning photojournalist, a wonderful colleague from American Jewish World Service (AJWS)’s communications team, and our local consultant and our translator—to document the ongoing, hard-fought work of some of the advocates for women, ethnic minorities and human rights whom …

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