Amanda Cary

Advocacy and Storytelling

This AJWS series on storytelling and justice is guest edited by Deji Olukotun. AJWS’s Washington-based advocacy department seeks to influence decision-makers to support policies and laws that advance AJWS’s mission to empower the world’s marginalized people. Working primarily with members of the U.S. Congress and the executive branch, the advocacy department develops an ‘ask’—or specific …Read More

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30 Years of HIV/AIDS—60 Million People and Counting

It’s been nearly 30 years since Lawrence Altman wrote The New York Times’ first article about AIDS, a disease unknown and unnamed back in July of 1981. This week, after 30 years and 60 million infections, Altman chronicles the progress, the failures and the future challenges in the fight against HIV/AIDS. He writes: As AIDS …Read More

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A Win for Uganda! At Least for Now.

We are happy to report good news from Uganda today. The Ugandan parliament ended its session without considering the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Adrian Jjuuko of our partner, the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law, explained: “The Ugandan parliament has closed today. There was no agreed business to discuss today and thus the Speaker …Read More

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Update on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The fight to stop Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill continues. We thought the bill would be voted on in Parliament today, but it wasn’t. An unrelated issue derailed debates and several members of Parliament walked out. Parliament will reconvene for the last time this Friday, May 13th, at which point the bill could still be voted on …Read More

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Why Free Rice Went Wrong

Since the earthquake, the international community has rallied around Haiti with aid, relief and reconstruction operations, not to mention plenty of good will. But some of this good will has proven to be misguided, especially as it relates to food aid. Emerging reports are verifying what civil society groups have been saying for years: the …Read More

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