A Win for Uganda! At Least for Now.

We are happy to report good news from Uganda today. The Ugandan parliament ended its session without considering the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Adrian Jjuuko of our partner, the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law, explained:

“The Ugandan parliament has closed today. There was no agreed business to discuss today and thus the Speaker adjourned the session. Thus the Anti-Homosexuality Bill has to be reintroduced in the new parliament and the whole process to begin all over again. Thank you all for the efforts and solidarity in fighting this ominous bill. The struggle may have to begin all over again, but for now, the process is over.”

It is unclear what the future holds for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in the next parliament, but this victory today is a testament to the power of advocacy.

We want to thank our Ugandan partners for their tireless efforts, as well as the entire AJWS community and our allies in Congress and the Obama Administration for their work to support human rights activists in Uganda. We especially want to thank Senator Chris Coons for releasing a statement yesterday rejecting the bill and affirming that “equality and human rights are intrinsic values that matter in America, in Uganda, and around the world.”