Lanni Solochek

AJWS Applauds the U.S. House Of Representatives for Addressing Genocide Of the Rohingya People in The National Defense Authorization Act

Leading Human Rights Group calls on the U.S. Senate to pass the same provisions without delay Rori Kramer, Director of Government Affairs for American Jewish World Service (AJWS), the leading global Jewish human rights organization, issued the following statement as the U.S. House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes calls for …Read More

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New Human Rights Panel Raises Fears of a Narrowing U.S. Advocacy

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Monday that he was installing a human rights advisory panel in the State Department, and named a conservative law professor as its chairwoman, to review and tighten the agency’s definition of human rights and ensure it is grounded in the “nation’s founding principles” and a 1948 United Nations declaration.

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It’s time to end the abusive practice of child marriage

This year, 12 million girls will be married before the age of 18. Some of them will likely be Canadians. But for all of them, it means that they are more likely to have little education, live in poverty, face violence and a higher risk of dying in childbirth as well as a lifetime of …Read More

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Jewish groups in US welcome bill on Rohingya crisis, says paper

Jewish groups in the United States have welcomed the introduction of a bipartisan bill in the Senate to sanction Myanmar officials responsible for the persecution of the Rohingya, a publication based in New York has reported. The Forward, which serves the large and influential Jewish American community, reported on April 15 that the Burma Human …Read More

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United States should take the lead in restoring democracy in Nicaragua

A year after Nicaragua’s streets filled with students, pensioners, farmers and feminists, all protesting the authoritarian rule of President Daniel Ortega, the country is in crisis. Instead of negotiating a way out, Ortega continues to crush dissent. His government stands accused of conducting a widespread, systematic attack against civilians, including murder, torture and arbitrary detentions.

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This is why migrants trek from Guatemala to the United States

As a spiritual leader, I am often asked to give guidance on today’s most difficult dilemmas. “Rabbi,” asks a congregant, “what can we, as Americans, do about the steady stream of immigrants crossing our southern border in search of a better life?” My reply is simple: If we want to create systemic change, we must …Read More

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