Lanni Solochek

Statement of Robert Bank, President and CEO of American Jewish World Service (AJWS), on the Murder of George Floyd and the Crisis of Structural Racism in the United States

Leader of global, Jewish human rights group calls on all sectors of American society to play a role in ending institutionalized racism in the United States. “The community of American Jewish World Service is heartbroken and outraged by the murder of George Floyd, a Black man, by a white Minneapolis police officer—the latest in a …Read More

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Saving Lives and Defending Human Rights: An Urgent Agenda for Philanthropy

We find ourselves at an unprecedented moment in the history of modern philanthropy. We are operating at the intersection of an extraordinary global pandemic and longstanding human-made divides. Without a doubt, COVID-19 magnifies these human-made divides in political and economic systems worldwide: glaring disparities in wealth, unequal access to healthcare and ineffective healthcare systems, lack …Read More

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Improving the lives of intersex people in Kenya

Nestled in a quiet, leafy Nairobi neighborhood just a stone’s throw from the throbbing of sounds of a sprawling city market, is a refuge where intersex, transgender, and gender-nonconforming Kenyans can escape searing public judgment and discrimination.

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American Jewish World Service Applauds The Fact-Finding Mission On Myanmar; Calls On International Community To Act In The Face Of Injustice

Leading global human rights group demands accountability and justice against perpetrators in response to crimes against humanity committed against ethnic minorities in Myanmar.  Rori Kramer, Director of Government Affairs for American Jewish World Service (AJWS), the leading global Jewish human rights organization, issued the following statement as the United Nation’s Fact-Finding Mission released its final report about the situation of ethnic minorities in the Myanmar:  …Read More

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When the world stays silent

Yasmin and I were in Washington, D.C., meeting with officials to discuss the genocide in Myanmar. I reflected on my days at North Shore High School because that’s when I started asking questions about my family’s history.

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20 Jewish Organizations Urge Under Secretary of Treasury to Impose Targeted Sanctions against Burmese Military

AJWS and the Jewish Rohingya Justice Network* call for swift action by the Department of Treasury to hold Burmese military accountable 20 Jewish organizational leaders, representing the Jewish Rohingya Justice Network, called on Under Secretary of the Treasury Sigal Mandelker to pursue justice and accountability for the Rohingya people and all ethnic minorities in Burma. …Read More

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