Elyse Lightman Samuels

On "The Art of Listening"

Henning Mankell’s December 10th New York Times Op-Ed “The Art of Listening” is a thoughtful examination of the role of storytelling in human nature. In many ways, storytelling, and the authentic listening that accompanies it, is a lost art in our sped-up, Twitterized culture. At AJWS, authentic listening is at the heart of our approach to …Read More

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Abigail Disney's "Women, War and Peace"

“Landscapes that were absent the female.” This is the way Abigail Disney saw war-affected countries being depicted in the mass media. She had an eerie feeling of, “where are the women?” They were there; they just weren’t “in the frame.” This past Friday, several AJWS staff members joined a public conversation with Abigail Disney about …Read More

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Catching Up in Cambodia with Thida Yan

I recently caught up with Thida Yan, AJWS’s in-country consultant in Cambodia, to learn about what’s happening on the ground. Here’s what Thida had to share:   How many grantees does AJWS have in Cambodia? We have fourteen grantees. What are some of the themes we focus on in Cambodia? We focus on land rights, …Read More

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