AJWS currently supports over 137 community-based organizations in 5 countries in East, Central and West Africa. AJWS grantmaking in the region funds organizations that are advancing sexual health and rights for sexual minorities; protecting and promoting fundamental human rights of marginalized groups; defending access to food, land and livelihoods, and, supporting marginalized communities experiencing conflicts and natural disasters.

In East Africa – Kenya and Uganda – AJWS supports women’s, LGBTI and sex worker rights organizations who are fighting for access to health and justice, as well as social, political and economic inclusion. AJWS is also supporting organizations that are defending the rights of communities harmed by extractive industries and major infrastructure projects.

In Central Africa – Democratic Republic of Congo – AJWS supports the provision of emergency aid and trauma relief to displaced communities, human rights defenders. We also promote post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction by ensuring the participation of women and youth in the transition from conflict to peace.

In West Africa – Liberia and Senegal – AJWS works with women’s and human rights focused organizations focused on post-conflict reconciliation, reconstruction and land rights. AJWS’s partners in Senegal focus on women’s participation in peacebuilding in Casamance; and AJWS’s partners in Liberia are ensuring communities, especially women, are empowered to participate in the management of their natural resources.