Jewish Text Studies, Conversation and Discovery

Torah study, ethical debate and discussion have been important modes of Jewish engagement for millennia, as generations of thinkers have grappled with ancient texts and added new insights. Below, you’ll find AJWS’s own additions to the canon of Jewish thought, including weekly Torah commentaries and essays connecting Jewish tradition to pressing social justice issues today.

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The AJWS team, along with our community of rabbis, thought leaders and many others, have created a rich collection of commentaries and essays exploring the connections between Jewish tradition and the social justice work that we support today in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  

JustThought is a series of essays applying Jewish wisdom to the pursuit of tikkun olam — or repairing the world. Drawing upon Jewish history, Torah sources and modern headlines, we plumb pressing questions about human rights and global justice from a Jewish perspective through essays by noted scholars, activists and AJWS staff. 

Dvar Tzedek (“A Word of Justice”) is a weekly Torah commentary written by rabbis and other Jewish community leaders highlighting lessons and messages that reflect contemporary human rights issues.  

And our Social Justice Holiday Resources provide conversation starters, family activities and new rituals to enrich your Jewish holiday celebrations.  

Together, these collections contain a whole universe of Jewish wisdom that speaks to our community’s ongoing fight for human rights, and our belief that a better world is possible.