Passover Resources 2016 / 5776

This Passover, share your commitment to social justice with students, friends and family by using a variety of resources provided by AJWS.

Each year at our Seder tables, telling the story of our ancestors’ journey from slavery to freedom illuminates the core narrative of the Jewish people. But it also offers thematic resonance with the stories and struggles of other oppressed communities around the globe.

This year, when we relive the story of our own liberation, we can also think of the millions of people around the world, including women, girls and LGBT people, who are still enslaved to poverty, violence, discrimination, and many other afflictions. We can challenge ourselves to take a more active and more meaningful role in hastening their freedom.

We invite you to use the following resources to enrich your celebration of Passover. Bring them to your Seders. Share them with your friends and families. Post and tweet them to your networks.

Passover 2016 / 5776 begins at sundown on Friday, April 22, 2016 and ends the evening of Saturday, April 30, 2016.

From the Sources

Text Studies on Passover and Social Justice Themes