Passover Resources

This year, put social justice on your Seder table. Use the AJWS Global Justice Haggadah to spark meaningful conversations at your Seder — and connect our shared story of liberation with people fighting for freedom around the world today.

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The story of Passover illuminates the core narrative of the Jewish people: we were once slaves in Egypt, but now we are free. This story still resonates today with the struggles and journeys to freedom still traveled by so many communities around the globe.

This year, when we relive the story of our own liberation, we can also think of how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated so many of the inequalities already facing vulnerable communities around the world — deepening the challenges of poverty, violence, discrimination and other afflictions — and take action to alleviate these devastating challenges. Let’s get inspired to take a more meaningful role in hastening freedom for women, girls, LGBTQI+ people, Indigenous communities, religious and ethnic minorities, and other marginalized groups around the world.

We invite you to use AJWS’s holiday resources to enrich your celebration of Passover — share them online or around your Seder table.


AJWS’s annual Passover commentary — written by influential Jewish leaders, rabbis and academics. These thoughtful pieces tie the themes of Passover to AJWS’s work around the globe.