Hearts. Minds. Change.

A movement for LGBTQI+ rights

Around the world, LGBTQI+ people face discrimination, violence and injustice — simply for being who they are or loving whom they love. Join AJWS Global Circle to support a growing movement in Kenya and beyond to help overcome the stigma and misinformation that leads to abuse. Courageous activists are changing hearts and minds, person by person and community by community.

Let’s stop anti-LGBTQI+ hate at its roots.

Did you know that in the countries where AJWS works…

  • Police often harass & assault gay and trans citizens instead of protecting them?
  • Coming out might mean losing your job or being kicked out of your house by your parents?
  • Clergy sometimes spread anti-gay hate from their pulpits?

You can make a difference

Hearts. Minds. Change. is about putting a stop to that, making our world a safer and more equitable place. To achieve LGBTQI+ equality, we need more than just fair laws. We need to change the minds and actions of everyday people, so communities will accept LGBTQI+ folks, overcome cultural stigmas, stop bias in institutions and forge trusting bonds. We do this through a process we call “norm change” — changing social norms for justice.

AJWS supports a network of Kenyan grassroots organizations pursuing this change together, creating a roadmap for justice. With more funding, these activists will be able to broaden their coalition and broadcast their messages to the public. Their goal is to build a powerful movement to finally secure LGBTQI+ rights in Kenya — with a potential cascade effect across Africa and around the world.

With sufficient support, AJWS will replicate our model in other countries. We’ll work hand in hand with LGBTQI+ communities worldwide to create a world where all people can live free and dignified lives, no matter who they are or whom they love.

Will you fuel their movement?

Two generous donors have offered to TRIPLE MATCH every gift for this campaign. With these tripled dollars, activists aim to radically transform the way their communities think about, feel and act towards LGBTQI+ family, neighbors and citizens in their communities.

Give today and take advantage of a 3X match

“It’s not just admirable, but necessary to advance this cause, and I'm grateful to AJWS for committing substantial resources to combat homophobia, transphobia and gender-based discrimination around the globe. I believe that this campaign will improve the lives of LGBTQI+ people by supporting local activists to meaningfully engage with their communities to expose the humanity of every person—regardless of who they love or how they identify. I hope to have some small hand in shifting the cultural narratives that have hindered this necessary progress.” 

Dani Goodman, Global Circle Lead Investor, Los Angeles, CA


Why this? Why now? Why me?

Here’s why our seed investors stepped up to support this campaign. What inspires you?

"My Jewish identity is all about tikkun olam and tzedakah: These are values I incorporate into my daily life and they motivate me to give this gift for LGBTQI+ equality. I think it’s important to put your money where your mouth is. I believe in LGBTQI+ rights because they’re human rights, and I’m proud to be helping realize those rights by supporting this campaign."

Lucas Sahn, Lead Investor, Durham, NC

"I’ve enjoyed the privilege of building a life with the person I love, with no doubt that anyone I chose would be fully accepted by the communities I belong to. That should be a given for everyone."

Sarah Friedman Hersh, Lead Investor, Philadelphia, PA