Kitchen Gardens in Kenya

“Kitchen gardens in Kenya” is not a phrase we hear often, but for many people, that phrase is the key to survival. In a country of nearly 35 million people, malnutrition and hunger are staggering problems, particularly for Kenyan children, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS. In the rural, western regions of Kenya, sustaining basic nutrition is a chronic struggle in the face of food insecurity. Too weak to walk long distances or stand in lines waiting for food aid, those who live in rural areas and subsist on less than a dollar a day do not have access to the basics needed to live healthy, dignified lives.

Kisumu Medical Education Trust (K-MET), an AJWS grassroots partner, an AJWS grassroots partner, was founded in 1995 to address health, education and development issues in the rural areas of western Kenya. Through care-giving and capacity building, K-MET has developed programs to improve reproductive health, nutrition and the overall quality of life for vulnerable populations and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). One sustainable innovation in the face of food insecurity is K-MET’s kitchen garden program. Learn more.