I'm Eating Again, But the Fast is Not Over

Yes, I am eating again—but I’m, not eating the same way as before. I started slowly and am using this experience to change my eating habits. So, so far, I’m eating less and lighter, and with more consciousness of my food choices, and of when and where I eat. Hopefully that will continue, and I will continue to fast during the day on Mondays—I fast every day in solidarity with the people of Darfur—for the consciousness that this has brought me these last few years.

The good news i s that as the budget cuts crisis continues, more people are paying attention. Food columnist Mark Bittman wrote an op-ed by NY Times, MoveOn.org’s executive director voiced his support, and some 25,000 people signed on to the effort have given us more momentum and visibility.

My colleagues have been in meetings with Congress, and I suspect the fast will come up in my phone call with Dr. Shah of USAID this Friday. There is also a great deal of advocacy to do to prevent these cuts and prevent people around the world from dying of hunger.

I have been deeply touched by the solicitous attention of so many of my friends and colleagues, by their kind words and by the decisions of some of them—and some of you—to fast as well and experience the challenge personally.

I hope that whatever you do, you will urge ten people to oppose the federal cuts in global food programs.