Global Hunger and Your Bananas

It’s 9am and you’ve just had your breakfast. A banana. A bowl of cereal. A cup of coffee. No matter what you’ve eaten, your breakfast has just endured a long journey from its source to you. Consider for a moment where your breakfast came from. Trace it back to its origin—from a shelf in a grocery store to a crate in a shipping truck; from the hands of a farmer in India to husks of corn in El Salvador. Consider the resources used to produce your breakfast. Consider the expense. And now consider this:
  • More than 1 billion people in the world are hungry, over 60 percent of whom are women.
  • Every 6 seconds a child dies from starvation and hunger-related causes.
  • Twenty-five thousand people die each day due to malnutrition.

You might be wondering: “What does global hunger have to do with my banana?”

In conjunction with the launch of AJWS’s new campaign Fighting Hunger from the Ground Up—an initiative to mobilize the Jewish community to end global hunger and support grassroots organizations working to achieve food security worldwide—we’ve launched a blog to explore the challenges and complexities of food injustice around the globe. We’ll ruminate on local solutions to global problems, hear from people on the ground working to alleviate hunger in their communities, and share some snapshots of organizations that are teaching farmers to grow food, endowing communities with seed banks and empowering indigenous populations to advocate for their land and water rights with the support of AJWS. Most importantly, we’ll consider how we, as Jews and as global citizens, can take action to ensure that the right to food is a human right for all.

So … let’s get started. What are you doing to fight global hunger?