Charities Should Start Working with Younger Donors. Duh!

Originally posted on the Global Circle blog.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article about best (and worst!) tips for organizations soliciting money, philanthropy experts recommended many of the practices that we live by every day at AJWS. The article recommends that charities start working with donors at a younger age. This is the heart of Global Circle – tapping into the hearts and interests of young professionals who are still growing in their career.

Lots of folks tell me they don’t consider themselves a philanthropist – that word has a lofty connotation. At AJWS, we believe that being a philanthropist isn’t just about donating a large sum of money, but rather, being thoughtful about your giving.  Philanthropy is a Greek word, meaning the love of humankind. Miriam-Webster defines a philanthropist as someone who makes an active effort to promote human welfare. Global Circle was founded on the belief that our generation is part of the collective effort to advance human rights around the world. The work begins with education about the developing world. We educate through events, travel opportunities, blogging and fundraising and we encourage our community to stand up as a member of our globally-minded generation and to start giving back.

Yes we are often referred to as “the next generation”, but we don’t want to settle for the future, we’re ready to make real change today. Want to double your impact today? Donate to our match campaign today to help advance human rights around the world.

Jenny Goldstein is the Senior Development Officer for Global Circle. When she’s not thinking about how to change the world one young professional at a time, she’s playing with her adorable one-year old son, Koby!