Malkah Bressler

Dual Disasters: Salvadorans respond to COVID-19 and a cataclysmic storm

On May 31, 2020, disaster struck El Salvador. Tropical Storm Amanda, the first in an extremely active storm season, made landfall. Heavy winds and rain ravaged the country, claiming at least 14 lives country-wide and leaving in its wake some $200 million in damage. The water flooded city streets and careened off hills, carrying with it rocks and mud. Huge and powerful landslides formed and destroyed homes …Read More

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Protecting Journalists Saves Lives

Happy World Press Freedom Day! Today and everyday, we recognize the importance of a free press, freedom of expression and public access to information, all of which are essential human rights. These rights allow us to live with dignity and help us make informed decisions about our futures. As the global community suffers together from …Read More

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