Josh Berkman

Free Market and Food Security. Food Aid in Niger. Blame Game in Haiti. – Weekly Link Roundup

A discussion on whether the free market can deliver food security – Free Market and Food Security [Psychology Today] Coverage of the congressional hearing on empowering the Haitian public sector and grassroots community [Boston Globe] Report on draught and food shortage in Niger [Democracy Now] EU pushes democracy in exchange for development aid to Niger …Read More

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Empowering Haitians

Unless Haitian farmers and other small business-owners have the opportunity to generate revenue and create jobs, the recovery from last January’s catastrophic earthquake will continue to flounder. The Haiti Empowerment, Assistance and Rebuilding (HEAR) Act, sponsored in the Senate by John Kerry (D-MA) and Bob Corker (R-TN), will help ensure that America’s aid to Haiti …Read More

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Does Bill Clinton Really Want to Help Haiti for the Long-Term?

Bill Clinton was back in Haiti last week, echoing a major concern of many in the international development community that the upcoming hurricane season poses a huge threat to the country. In addition to nearly a million people living in fragile temporary shelters in the large cities, the agricultural infrastructure in rural areas — already …Read More

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How Obama’s $2.8B To Haiti Can Be Harmful

A supplemental bill that includes the $2.8 billion in emergency funding to Haiti is expected to hold a House committee mark-up this week. But mere allocation of this money for Haiti is not enough – how the money actually gets used is of paramount importance. To ensure U.S. aid to Haiti benefits Haitian farmers rather …Read More

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Weighing in on the Food Production Debate

Over the last week, an important discussion has emerged in the blogosphere about the best ways for hungry nations to produce food. The debate began with a piece by Wellesley professor Robert Paarlberg, published in Foreign Affairs. Paarlberg argues that sluggish food production—rather than price explosion—is responsible for food insecurity in the Global South and …Read More

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