Carolyn Ziv

Empowering a Generation: How one AJWS grantee is helping Cambodian youth become the leaders their country needs

In late July of 2013, something remarkable happened in Cambodia. For the first time since the Cambodia People’s Party (CPP) came to power in 1997, an opposition group posed a real threat in the national elections. If victorious, many hoped the challenger—the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP)—would shepherd in a new era of freedom and democracy.

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A Christmas Tribute to Liberia’s Unsung Heroes

Tomorrow morning, hundreds of thousands of Liberians will wake up, attend their local church, and gather with their loved ones to relax and rejoice. The occasion? Christmas, a day on which 85 percent of Liberia’s four million people celebrate family, selflessness, peace on earth and good will to all. As Liberians observe this important public …

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