AJWS currently supports over 100 community-based organizations in 5 countries in Asia. AJWS’s grantmaking in Asia focus on organizations that advance sexual health and rights for women, girls, LGBTI communities and sex workers; defend access to land and livelihoods; protect the fundamental human rights of conflict-affected communities and promote equality for ethnic and religious minorities.

In India, AJWS supports community organizing and advocacy for women’s, girls’, LGBTI and sex workers’ rights, much of which focuses on changing discriminatory community attitudes and norms. AJWS also advances the struggles of tribal and Dalit communities for land rights and economic justice with a focus on women’s access to livelihood. In Sri Lanka, AJWS supports communities that have been displaced due to conflict and natural disasters, enabling them to rebuild their lives and prepare themselves for the future. In Burma, AJWS focuses on the rights of ethnic minorities displaced by armed conflict and on promoting a political transition that is just and democratic. In Sri Lanka and Burma AJWS is also supporting rural communities to influence decision making on the use of natural resources. In Thailand, AJWS funds organizing and advocacy for land rights, LGBTI rights and sex workers’ rights. In Cambodia, AJWS supports land and labor rights and is also fostering youth and women’s movements for civil and political rights.

In the Philippines, AJWS is supporting humanitarian aid following Typhoon Haiyan, primarily through local groups that know their communities and are working on the ground to help survivors.