Realizing human rights and ending poverty in Haiti

Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, we support organizations working to overcome poverty and oppression. Our small, grassroots grantees are rooted in communities, where they empower local people to identify their most critical concerns and take action to address injustice. We also support groups that organize broader movements for social change, influencing governments and policymakers to respect and promote human rights.

In Haiti, AJWS strengthens social movements and grassroots organizations to promote human rights and democracy, to challenge structural inequality and power, and to achieve agrarian reform and food sovereignty. AJWS supports peasant farmers to protect their land rights and fight displacement due to development megaprojects, promotes alternative media as an advocacy and mobilization tool, and works to increase the political participation of historically marginalized communities, including Dominicans of Haitian Descent, people living in internally displaced people (IDP) camps, slum dwellers, LGBT people and sex workers.

Recent Projects in Haiti

Asosyasyon Tet Kole ti Peyizan Ayisyen (TK)
Strengthening the Peasant Movement for Food Sovereignty

Purpose: To increase the food sovereignty of peasant farmers in Haiti by strengthening local seed banks and goat-breeding centers, and by training farmers on agro-ecology, community organizing and effective advocacy for agrarian reform.

Association Femmes Soleil D'Haiti (AFASDA)
Mobilizing Women to Promote their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Purpose: To strengthen the grassroots movement for sexual and reproductive health and rights in Haiti's North Department by building women's coalitions and supporting their leadership, developing training modules and working with the media to raise awareness about women's rights.

Association Nationale de Protection des Femmes et Enfants Haitiens (ANAPFEH)
Protecting the Human Rights of Sex Workers in Delmas

Purpose: To reduce sex workers' vulnerability to violence and HIV and AIDS by creating safe spaces for learning and organizing, reaching out to sex workers in the workplace, and providing psychosocial and medical support in cases of violence.

Ayiti Kale Je (AKJ)
Reconstruction and Aid Monitoring in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Purpose: To improve investigative journalism by reporting on the earthquake reconstruction process and disbursement of humanitarian aid, and providing investigative journalism trainings and internships for university students.

Beyond Borders, Inc. (BB)
Rethinking Power: Engaging Haitian Communities to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls and HIV

Purpose: To prevent violence against women and girls and HIV infection in Haiti's Southeast Department by engaging communities to examine power imbalances between men and women and to transform attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate violence.

Diaspora Community Services (DCS)
Strengthening Centre Medico Social de Port Au Prince's (CMSP) Health Services

Purpose: To improve the sexual and reproductive health of women, children, youth and people living with HIV and AIDS by supporting the expansion of a community health center to provide comprehensive health services and by creating organizational systems to encourage its long-term sustainability.

Défenseurs des Opprimées/Opprimés (DOP)
Building a Peasant Movement for Land and Housing Rights

Purpose: To protect the land and housing rights of peasants in the Artibonite Department by providing human rights training and legal support and by building the capacity of peasant organizations to advocate effectively for their rights.

Equitas - International Centre for Human Rights Education
Human Rights Training for Haitian Grassroots Organizations

Purpose: To equip community based organizations to advocate for human rights, gender equality, and political, social and economic development through a citizen engagement training program promoting a human rights-based approach and increased solidarity between grassroots and national organizations.

Fanm Deside
Empowering Women to Stand Up for their Human Rights

Purpose: To protect women's human rights and improve their living conditions in the Southeast Department by organizing women's groups, providing training on human rights and advocacy, and setting up collective grain mills to help women earn a living through agriculture.

Fondation Haitienne pour le Maintien de la Paix Sociale/Partenariat pour le Developpement Local (PDL)
Strengthening the Capacity and Resilience of Rural Communities and Peasant Organizations

Purpose: To increase the capacity of peasant organizations by supporting leadership development, strengthening seed banks and promoting microenterprises.

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