Realizing human rights and ending poverty in Uganda

Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, we support organizations working to overcome poverty and oppression. Our small, grassroots grantees are rooted in communities, where they empower local people to identify their most critical concerns and take action to address injustice. We also support groups that organize broader movements for social change, influencing governments and policymakers to respect and promote human rights.

In Uganda, AJWS supports women’s, LGBTI and sex worker rights organizations who are fighting for access to health and justice, as well as social, political and economic inclusion. AJWS is also supporting organizations that are defending the rights of communities harmed by extractive industries and major infrastructure projects.

Recent Projects in Uganda

Women and Rural Development Network (WORUDET)
Promoting Gender Equity

Purpose: To prevent and reduce sexual and gender-based violence in post-conflict northern Uganda by educating local leaders, men and couples; training women in advocacy skills; and empowering survivors of sexual and gender-based violence through counseling and economic support.

Women's Organization Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA)
Building Capacity for Sex Workers' Rights

Purpose: To promote the human rights and empowerment of sex workers through trainings in functional adult literacy and security management and human rights workshops for sex workers and police.

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