Shavuot Resources June 11-13, 2024
6-7 Sivan 5784

The holiday of Shavuot celebrates the anniversary of the Jewish people receiving the Torah—the ancient text of history, laws and values that has shaped Jewish ethics and peoplehood, and continues to inspire AJWS’s work to build a better world today. Explore our Shavuot resources to enrich this year’s celebration!

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On Shavuot, Jews around the world celebrate receiving the Torah—the central sacred text of Judaism—by gathering together to study and rejoice in the traditions and values that shape our lives. Shavuot also celebrates the “first fruits” of the harvest, the food that sustains and nourishes us. Read below for a collection of reflections connecting the themes of Shavuot to our collective work to build a more just and equitable world today. We invite you to share them online and with your community!