Purim Resources March 13-15, 2025
14 Adar 5785

One of the most joyous holidays in the Jewish calendar, Purim commemorates the survival and tenacity of the Jewish people and reminds us to have the courage to stand up to injustice. Explore these resources to connect the Purim story to modern fights for human rights around the world.

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At its core, the Purim story is one of good versus evil. In ancient Persia, the king’s advisor Haman plots to exterminate the Jewish community. But the Jewish Queen Esther stands in his way and risks her life to expose his plans to the king. In Esther’s footsteps, we have a responsibility to stand up to injustice in our world today—to fight for women’s rights and human rights, speak truth to power, and stand with persecuted communities around the globe.

We hope these readings and resources will bring social justice to your Purim celebration, making for a meaningful and joyous holiday. We invite you to share them online and with your community!

Readings & Rituals

Spark conversation and thought about global justice as you celebrate Purim this year.

From the Sources

Dive into these Jewish text studies to explore how Purim is tied to social justice today.


AJWS’s Purim commentaries — written by influential Jewish leaders, rabbis and academics — tie the themes of Purim to contemporary human rights issues. We hope they’ll inspire you to repair the world this Purim.