Our organizational DEIRJ subgroups carry out the work outlined on AJWS’s DEIRJ roadmap: 

Communications Subgroup: Communicates DEIRJ updates and announcements to staff and Board.  

External Training Subgroup: Brings in external DEIRJ experts to provide trainings for the organization.  

Internal Training Subgroup: Developed a microaggressions and bias training curriculum for the organization. 

Jewish Identities and Values Subgroup: Leads opportunities for open learning and conversation about the diversity of Jewish identity.  

Language Justice Subgroup: Supports the adoption of language justice policies and practices that lead to more inclusivity across the organization. 

Leadership Pathways for Black Staff Subgroup: Creates spaces for Black staff support and career advancement at AJWS. 

People and Culture Consultation Subgroup: Advises the People and Culture Team in implementing policies and procedures with a DEIRJ lens. 

Reporting and Accountability Subgroup: Works to create a process for reporting and receiving support when bias, discrimination or microaggressions occur, with clear tracking and accountability.