Leading Global Jewish Human Rights Organization Denounces Trump’s Decision to Withhold Funding from WHO

American Jewish World Service Calls for International Solutions to the Global Pandemic

In response to President Trump’s decision to withhold U.S. funding from the World Health Organization (WHO), Rori Kramer, Director of U.S. Advocacy at American Jewish World Service, issued the following statement:

“We are appalled that the Trump administration is once again turning its back on science and public health and embracing isolationism and ignorance at a time when global solidarity and collaboration is needed more than ever. Politicizing international institutions on the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 global pandemic is dangerous and puts the health and lives of Americans and vulnerable people across the world at great risk.

We stand with the WHO, an institution that has been helping build stronger health systems and promoting human rights across the globe for decades. Since January, the WHO has played a key role in coordinating the global fight against COVID-19. The WHO has been an important source of information on COVID-19, issuing guidance and warnings to countries and conducting research to find lifesaving treatments to ensure that a national patchwork of responses becomes more than just the sum of its parts. Furthermore, the WHO provides critical technical and capacity support to fragile healthcare systems across the world.

As a faith-based organization committed to the inherent dignity of every human being, we know that access to healthcare is more important than ever for the most marginalized communities, including women, girls, LGBTQI people, sex workers, HIV+ people, refugees and migrants, ethnic minorities, and indigenous peoples.

The COVID-19 pandemic can only be solved through coordinated, international action, rooted in science and public health. The United States must once again take up the mantle of international leadership by promoting solidarity and cooperation; to do otherwise will only accelerate the spread of the disease. COVID-19 knows no borders and will have disproportionate impacts on the most vulnerable people. We demand that the Trump administration immediately release all Congressionally-appropriated funding to the WHO and stand with the global community during this challenging time.”

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