Leading Global Jewish Human Rights Group Urges U.S. House of Representatives to Examine the Harmful Impacts of the Global Gag Rule 

American Jewish World Service (AJWS) emphasizes the importance of sexual health and rights for vulnerable groups worldwide  

As the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee prepares for the February 5 hearing, Unique Challenges Women Face in Global Health,” Rori Kramer, Director of Government Affairs for American Jewish World Service (AJWS), issued the following statement: 

“We applaud the House Foreign Affairs Committee for holding a hearing that will make clear that the Trump Administration’s global health policies endanger the sexual health and rights of women, girls, LGBTQI+ people and sex workers around the world. The public will see what the administration continues to deny: These policies undermine healthcare access for those who need it the most.   

We firmly oppose the global gag rule, a draconian policy thatprohibits any foreign organization receiving U.S. global health funding from providing legal and safe abortionsor referrals for those services. The rule also bars organizations receiving U.S. aid from advocating for abortion law reform in their own countries. We are appalled that the Administration uses this rule to deny  all U.S. global health funds to essential health providers in the Global South, jeopardizing healthcare for women, girls, LGBTQI+ people, sex workers and others, and denies them access to basic human rights.  

We call on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to reverse the harmful effects of the global gag rule by taking up and passing the Global Health, Empowerment and Rights (HER) Act, which would permanently repeal the global gag rule. We urge the U.S. House of Representatives to move the legislation to the floor and end this horrendous policy once and for all.  

As a Jewish organization that recognizes the inherent dignity of all people, we will not stand by as the Administration endangers the human rights of women, girls, LGBTQI+ people and sex workers. We call on Members of Congress to forcefully raise their voices to oppose the global gag rule. 

About the human rights work of American Jewish World Service (AJWS)  

AJWS funds LGBTQI+ human rights groups in 19 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, and mobilizes the American Jewish community to advocate for U.S. policies that support human rights abroad. With Jewish values and a global reach, AJWS is making a difference in millions of lives and bringing a more just and equitable world closer for all. 

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