Former AJWS Chair to Swim English Channel in Honor of Organization’s 25th Anniversary

New York, NY; August 23, 2010—As a tribute to American Jewish World Service (AJWS) and its upcoming 25th anniversary, past AJWS chair and current board member Jim Meier will attempt to swim the English Channel.

With rugged currents, water temperatures in the mid-60s and unpredictable weather conditions, the channel spans 25 to 30 miles from England to France. Completing the swim is a test of endurance and strength arguably more difficult than ascending Mount Everest, which has been summited approximately three times as often in half as many years.

“Over the past 25 years, AJWS has grown from supporting a handful of community-based organizations to 458 partners in the world’s most vulnerable and marginalized communities,” Meier said.  “While fighting poverty, hunger and disease, AJWS grantees and volunteers are also helping to empower individuals and strengthen civil society throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas.”

Meier has completed marathons, crossed Finland on skis and swam around the island of Manhattan. The channel swim, which could last up to 15-20 hours, will take place sometime between August 30 and September 6 depending on when his assigned number is called. Meier, who at 66, is twice the age of most Channel swimmers has been training for 18 months.

“Once again, I am dedicating this effort to AJWS and seek support for this amazing organization as it completes its 25th year,” Meier said. “While I like to test my limits, the fact that my efforts will benefit a great cause is crucial.”

Donations in honor of Meier’s channel swim can be made at or by check to the attention of Jim Meier’s Fundraiser, American Jewish World Service, 45 W. 36th St., 11th Fl,  New York, NY, 10018.

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