American Jewish World Service Denounces Abuse and Harassment of Women in the Organized Jewish Community

Leading Global Human Rights Organization Supports Advocates for Gender Equity Worldwide

In response to a detailed report in the New York Times about philanthropist Michael Steinhardt’s abuse and harassment of women professionals working in the organized Jewish community, Robert Bank, the President and CEO of American Jewish World Service and a member of the Executive Committee of the Safety Respect Equality Coalition, released this statement:

“We work every day at American Jewish World Service to support thousands of women advocates around the world who are fighting against abuse and sexual violence. We stand with our Jewish sisters in the United States who have been harassed, demeaned, abused and sexually assaulted in the organized Jewish community by men who use their personal wealth and institutional power for such reprehensible ends. This violates both the rights of women and our Jewish values of respect for all people.

“Just as we are supporting efforts worldwide to build a safer, more equitable world for all women and girls, we demand nothing less for Jewish women who dedicate themselves to Jewish communal life. Until all women are free of abuse and harassment, we believe deeply that none of us is free.

We are a proud member of the Safety Respect Equity Coalition, working to build a more safe, respectful and equitable Jewish world. To the women who have faced abuse and harassment: We hear you. We believe you. We stand with you.”




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