AJWS President Ruth Messinger Named To Forward 50

New York, NY, November 13, 2007 – Ruth W. Messinger, President of AJWS, has once again been named to the Forward 50, an annual list of the 50 most influential members of the American Jewish community. This marks the seventh consecutive year she has been listed in the Forward 50.

“Whether as a consequence of redoubled dedication, extra chutzpah, a change in the community’s mood or the sheer magnitude of the need out there, AJWS has become a major player around the communal table, by anybody’s measure,” the Forward’s write-up on Messinger reads.

“Her tireless lobbying for Darfur managed, almost single-handedly, to put the agonies of Africa on the agenda of the American Jewish community. Along the way, she has become a sort of symbol to young Jews across the country of the Other Judaism that once was and could be again – engaged with the world, driven by a passion for social justice for Jews and all humankind.”

Messinger said: “I’m honored to again be listed in the ‘Forward 50’ and to have that distinguished newspaper recognize the impact that AJWS is having on the Jewish community.

“AJWS’ mission is to make sure the American Jewish community has a vehicle to advance social justice for all people. Helping to bring an end to the genocide in Darfur; fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS; creating local economies in the developing world; educating children; and encouraging women to recognize their power to lead are quintessentially Jewish things to do.”

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