AJWS Encouraged by Obama Administration’s Unity on Sudan Strategy

New York, NY; Oct. 19, 2009 — AJWS president Ruth W. Messinger issued a statement today in response to the Sudan policy directive unveiled by the Obama administration. The policy focuses on a combined strategy of incentives and pressures for the Sudanese government to play a constructive role in sustained peace efforts.

Messinger’s statement reads:

“It is critical that an inclusive peace process move forward in Darfur, that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between North and South Sudan is fully implemented and that there is accountability for those who continue to attack civilians, obstruct humanitarian efforts and undermine peace. 

“With an administration that is unified in its commitment to these priorities and to leading the international community in active engagement on all of these fronts, we believe that lasting peace in Sudan is well within reach.

“Watching General J. Scott Gration, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice stand together behind a plan endorsed personally by President Obama is an important beginning for what we hope will be a renewed and strengthened commitment to the people of Sudan.”

A leader for nearly six years in efforts to end the ongoing genocide in Darfur, AJWS has mobilized the American Jewish community and successfully worked with others in the international development, human rights and faith communities to pass state and federal divestment legislation. In addition, AJWS has pushed for increased U.S. funding for international humanitarian assistance and peace-keeping.

AJWS is a founding member of the Save Darfur Coalition, which also issued a press release today on the administration’s Sudan policy directive. The Save Darfur Coalition press release can be found at www.savedarfur.org/pages/newsroom.

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