Join Our Tzedakah Circle

The most effective way to sustain the work of grassroots activists working to repair our world is by setting up a monthly gift through AJWS’s Tzedakah Circle. You’ll know that every month, your values are automatically going into action to advance justice and human rights.

Make a Monthly Gift

With the Tzedakah Circle, we’re doing something big — and we’re doing it together. Each month, your gift will help organizations transform communities, ensure first-responders can deliver relief in times of disasters, amplify the voices of activists speaking out against injustices and move us forward in our collective mission to repair the world. Plus, you’ll receive an array of benefits as a Tzedakah Circle member:

  • Exclusive updates on the impact of your life-changing investments.
  • Stories of Hope reports highlighting activists around the globe.
  • Unique digital downloads and special gifts.
  • Personal contact with our team to ask questions and share your input.

Each of us can only do so much good alone. But as a member of the Tzedakah Circle, you’ll be pooling your resources and your passion for social justice with a global network of humanitarians and inspiring activists to build a better world together. With crises mounting and threats to human rights intensifying, this is your chance to meet the moment with a lasting commitment that will have a collective impact.

Join the Tzedakah Circle

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