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Travel with AJWS on a Study Tour to meet the activists and changemakers we support in their communities, and witness powerful grassroots change up close. Whether to Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean, each AJWS Study Tour is a unique opportunity to go beyond the bounds of traditional tourism.

Meet with AJWS grantee partners on the front lines of their fights for human rights, hear from local experts who bring the rich histories of their countries to life, visit cultural sights and markets, indulge in local cuisine and connect with likeminded philanthropists who share your vision for a more just world.

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September 22-28, 2024

Join AJWS as we travel to Mexico City to meet activists creating a future that includes peace and security for all citizens. We’ll then visit rural Oaxaca, where our indigenous partners are defending their community’s right to the land and water they depend on for survival.

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What People are Saying About Study Tours

Serious study, travel and talk was seamlessly melded with opportunities to experience great beauty, to eat wonderful food and to have fun with new friends. If travel is about seeing with new eyes, then I have traveled well.

Marvin Krakow

AJWS Study Tour to Thailand
We were transported to these activists’ world of extraordinary bravery and complexity, and we walked away feeling that we had born witness to real change.

Suzanne Schecter

AJWS Study Tour to Burma
We didn’t know what we were in for, and our expectations were exceeded beyond our wildest dreams. Thanks to you all for making this trip so meaningful and special.

Sandy Abramson

AJWS Study Tour to India

Study Tour FAQs

Thank you for your interest in AJWS Study Tours! Below you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question not addressed below, please contact

  • What are the goals of the Study Tour program?

    Study Tours are designed for current and prospective major donors to see the impact of their support to AJWS in an immersive, meaningful way. It’s our hope that once you see how AJWS’s grantee partners are changing lives in the Global South, you will return a stronger advocate for AJWS’s work—more committed to AJWS’s mission of promoting global justice and more engaged in issues of international human rights.

  • What are the standards of accommodations?

    We stay in four and five-star hotels, when available, or the best hotel in the area.

  • Can you accommodate someone with dietary restrictions?

    You will have a range of dining experiences on the Study Tour, from top restaurants to traditional meals prepared by our grantee partners. We offer kosher-style and vegetarian options at all meals and do our best to accommodate any special dietary requests.

  • Will I have time to sightsee and shop on my own?

    While most of our time is devoted to visiting AJWS grantee partners, we do carve out time for touring in each country.

  • If I want to see more of the country or region, can I extend my trip?

    Some of our Study Tours include an optional extension that takes participants to visit another exciting part of the country or region, such as a multi-day safari in Africa or visiting India’s Golden Triangle to see the Taj Mahal. AJWS’s partner travel planners are happy to help you arrange any additional trips or excursions before or after the Study Tour.

  • Is it safe to travel to “x country”?

    We do everything we can to ensure your trip abroad with us is a safe and pleasant one, including conducting scouting trips, consulting with private travel safety and security experts, assessing the State Department’s risk levels and working with our local teams to determine any potential risk. However, travel will always have a certain degree of risk . You should consider your personal level of comfort carefully before choosing to join a Study Tour. We strongly recommend reviewing the U.S. State Department, CIA, and Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations for travelers prior to registering for your trip.

  • Is the study tour physically demanding?

    While trips do not include hiking or prolonged periods of exertion, our days are often quite full. Common activities on a Study Tour include walking tours, at times on uneven or unpaved ground, and bus rides of 1-3 hours. Participants should be able to withstand warm weather and must have prior approval from a physician in order to travel with us.

  • What are the health risks of traveling to a developing country?

    Health risks vary by country and can be minimized by taking the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommended vaccinations and medications for the particular region you will be visiting. Prior to traveling, you should take time to discuss the CDC’s recommendations with your health care provider. Additionally, you will need your physician’s written approval prior to traveling with AJWS.

  • What happens if I need medical care while traveling?

    Your health and safety is our top priority. Travelers will be reimbursed directly by AJWS’s travel medical insurance provider for basic medical expenses they incur while traveling abroad with AJWS. This includes emergency dental, hospital and doctors’ fees, and drugs prescribed abroad. It does not cover routine medical care. For more information about coverage and reimbursement process, please contact Travelers requiring more robust coverage should secure their own travel medical insurance.

  • Can I go on a study tour if I have health problems?

    Participation is contingent on your ability to be covered under AJWS’s international emergency medical and evacuation insurance policy with Global Rescue. Global Rescue requires all travelers above the age of 75 to submit additional documentation from their health care provider before guaranteeing coverage. Please consult AJWS staff at or 212.792.2800 to confirm your eligibility prior to registering.

  • What is the average age of participants?

    Participants typically range in age from 30s to 80s.

  • Is there an age limit?

    There is no age limit for participants. However, participation is contingent on your ability to be covered under AJWS’s international emergency medical and evacuation insurance policy. If you are over the age of 75, please consult AJWS staff to confirm your eligibility prior to registering.

  • Can families with children go on a study tour?

    Our standard Study Tours are not geared toward families traveling with young children. If you are interested in traveling as a family (with children ages 15 and above) please reach out to Neely Grobani at

  • Is it possible to organize a private study tour for my family or friends?

    Yes! Please contact Neely Grobani at for more information.

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