Safety & Security

Safety & Security on AJWS Travel Programs

The following information pertains to all of AJWS’s travel programs, including: Global Justice Fellowship and Study Tours.

Participants’ Safety is our Top Priority

Our program participants’ safety and security is AJWS’s top priority. AJWS is dedicated to making our travel programs safe for participants by maintaining high security and health standards. In the event of an emergency situation, we are committed to responding quickly and effectively. Participants are required to abide by the safety and security guidelines and the instructions of group leaders on their program.

Selecting and Monitoring Program Locations with Safety in Mind

AJWS sends approximately 150 travelers overseas each year to countries where we have both the resources and experience to provide for program participants’ safety and security. Our staff understands the risks associated with traveling to these countries and know how to mitigate and respond to those risks.

When considering regions of the world to send program participants, we confer with the U.S. Department of State and the Oversees Advisory Security Council, in addition to safety and security consultants such as International SOS. AJWS’s in-country partners and tour operators also advise us on safety and security matters prior to and during programs.

Furthermore, AJWS only works with established non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have adequate infrastructure to host foreign visitors.

Before a participant departs for one of our programs, AJWS requires that each participant register with the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before traveling.

Participant Preparation

Safety and security education is included in country-specific pre-departure materials that AJWS provides for all participants. AJWS reinforces this information in orientation sessions that prepare participants for their international experience.

Medical Evacuation and Referrals

All participants receive emergency evacuation assistance and medical referrals through International SOS, one of the world’s leading medical assistance providers. Through AJWS’s membership with International SOS, participants have direct access to premium health care in the countries they visit. In case of illness, ISOS will refer participants to the closest and best medical facility in the area and will monitor the case. If a participant’s medical condition is beyond the capabilities of in-country facilities, ISOS will evacuate him or her by air to the next closest and best equipped medical facility.

NOTE: International SOS does not pay for the cost of medical care; therefore, participants must have their own health insurance that covers the cost of treatment while overseas.

Staying in Contact During Programs

AJWS remains in regular contact with our overseas program staff. Should an emergency situation or other unforeseen event occur, AJWS will notify the participant’s family and/or emergency contact(s) immediately.

AJWS maintains a 24-hour hotline for participants’ families and friends to use in the event of an emergency situation at home.

If you have any questions about AJWS’s safety policies, please contact us.