Nicaragua Resources

Are you traveling with us? Or just interested in learning more about human rights issues in Nicaragua? Below is a list of books and articles that we recommend to delve deeper into this topic.

Our “top picks” recommendations are marked with a *.


* The End and the Beginning: The Nicaraguan Revolution by John Booth

* The Undermining of the Sandinista Revolution by Gary Prevost and Harry Vanden

Nicaragua Without Illusions: Regime Transition and Structural Adjustment in the 1990s by Thomas Walker


* FORESTS News on indigenous land rights in Nicaragua

Human Rights Brief on women’s rights in Nicaragua

* Huffington Post on violence against women in Nicaragua

* Latinamerica Press on new law on violence against women in Nicaragua


Looking for a brief overview? Here are two options:,,,,NIC,4562d94e2,4fc75a778,0.html

But to get a full picture of Nicaragua that includes the challenges faced by its poor and minority populations, we recommend reading a selection of the articles above.