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People in the developing world are generating innovative solutions to end poverty and advance human rights.

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Celebrating a birthday? Having a bat mitzvah? Running a marathon? Make it an occasion to support global justice. Encourage your friends and families to give generously to AJWS to support the dignity of millions of people around the world.

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Fundraise for your bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, birthday, anniversary or other special day.

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Recognize someone special or honor a loved one's memory by supporting AJWS and our commitment to human dignity.

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Share your commitment to global justice by fundraising for a race or performance or organizing a community event.

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Have a different fundraising idea?  Choose your own way to support AJWS’s work around the world.

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Crisis in East Africa

A crippling multi-year drought, exacerbated by climate change and conflict, is causing millions of people in East Africa to face starvation. Support communities in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda that have been hit hardest by malnutrition and conflict.

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Team AJWS: Running for Global Justice

Members of Team AJWS share our endurance and commitment to lasting change by running in solidarity with frontline human rights defenders. By giving to a member of Team AJWS, you are directly contributing to AJWS’s efforts to build a more just and equitable world.
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Featured Fundraisers

Need a little inspiration? Check out these examples of how our supporters are mobilizing their communities to fight for human rights and dignity around the world.